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Yacht Charter Etiquette: Dos And Don’ts

Nebula Bareboat Charter

Riding a yacht is an exhilarating and unique experience. There are some unspoken rules to follow, essential Dos and Don’ts, you should follow to maximize your enjoyment of your yacht trip.

Here is the Yacht Charter Etiquette to serve as your guide:

1 – DO Be Kind To The Captain and Crew

The Captain and Crew are working behind the scenes to ensure you have a safe and fun yacht trip. Always treat them with respect and courtesy, as everything they do is for the enjoyment and safety of your party. Politeness will make the experience more pleasurable for everyone. A simple “thank you,” and a little kindness can go a long way!

2 – DO Be Safe

Your yacht trip would begin with a briefing on safety rules and regulations. The Crew will discuss everything necessary to keep you and your party safe during the trip, so listen carefully.

3 – DO Look After Your Children At All Times

(When Sailing With Them)

When sailing with your kids, keep an eye on them. The Captain and Crew have their responsibilities; caring for your children will not be their liability. Arrange for a nanny so you can take a break from keeping a close watch on your kids.

4 – DO Go Barefoot

Leave your shoes in the basket, and wear boat shoes barefoot. Most shoes would leave dirt and scuff marks, which could damage the deck.

5 – DO Have Fun

These basic rules are set to keep you and your party safe, so understand them, then go and have fun! Our Windy City Sailing Crew will take care of you. So go party!

6 – DON’T Forget to Tip

Tipping after a Yacht Charter is customary, and the Crew would appreciate gratuity for service rendered. The amount may vary from 10 to 15 % of the charter.

7 – DON’T Bring Spray Sunblock

Spray sunblock, sunscreen, and tanning oils leave a stain and often contain avobenzone, which is NOT suitable for your skin. Go for lotion sunblock instead. It can also stain the deck, so it’s not ideal for a sailing trip.

8 – DON’T Forget To Tell Your Friends About Your Awesome Trip!

Let your friends know if you enjoy your Windy City Sailing Yacht Charter trip! Please share your experience with them so they can also schedule their trips. Remember, sharing is caring!

9 – DON’T Forget To Bring Your Camera!

Always bring your camera! Live in the moment, but remember to take tons of pictures! Capture your one-of-a-kind adventure with Windy City Sailing!

Final Thoughts

Regarding yachting, there are some unspoken rules of etiquette you should know about before setting sail. These Dos and Don’ts are simple and easy to remember — keep them in mind so you can enjoy your trip.

For an unforgettable adventure, come sailing with us! Windy City Sailing, Inc. offers Chicago’s best sailing and yacht charters. Windy City Sailing, Inc. will provide the ultimate sailing experience for you and your party. For inquiries or bookings, feel free to call or email Edwina at 773.868.0096 or

Come sail with Windy City Sailing, Inc. this 2023, and let’s make your vacation in Chicago unique and unforgettable!

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